5 gadgets everyone needs in their life


Love a good and useful gadget? Then here is 5 gadgets everyone needs in their life right now.

Gadgets can be fun, but when their also useful, it makes them twice as good!

Ice Genie

Not only a great ice-cube maker but the Ice Genie saves space in your freezer and according to the makers, it can replace up to 10 ice cube trays or around 120 ice cubes

The Ice Genie freezes the cubes in the inner chamber, then all you do is squeeze the container and the ice cubes are released and stored on the inside, with a handy lid to keep the ice cubes secured.

If that wasn’t enough, the Ice Genie can even be used as a drinks container holder, cooling a bottled drink quickly.

The Ice Genie is BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

Desk Coffee Warmer

Ever made a cuppa tea or coffee, took it to your desk and it’s went cold while your carried on with work. Well heres a solution, this handy Desk Coffee Warmer.

The Desk Coffee Warmer plugs into a USB outlet and heats up, and all you have to do if place your mug on top to either keep its contents work or heated up.

The Warmer can be used as heating plates for warming coffee, tea, milk, soup, solid oil, gravies, sauces, liquid, baby food or small lunches; can also be used as candle wax warmer plate.

Magnetic Shoelaces

OK maybe more one for the kids but even adults can enjoy and save a little time each day with Magnetic Shoelaces.

No more knots, say goodbye to shoelaces. Change your shoes into a slip-on, do not worry about tying your shoes during all activities. Close your shoes with just one click, save time and effort, mark your performance at any time.
Waterproof and dustproof, just wipe with damp cloth or fabric to clean as new.


This one is for those that suffer with headaches – the Aculier – and its as simple as attaching it between your thumb and first finger, on either hand.

It a little expensive but anyone who has it regularly experiences migraines may benefit from one of these.

Aculief provides pressure to the LI4. The LI 4 acupressure meridian is located on your hand between the thumb and forefinger and has been used for thousands of years as one of the most effective acupressure points for immediate tension relief and restoring your bodys natural flow of energy.”

Acupressure to the LI4 works to relieve imbalances throughout the body and restore your natural life energy known as Qi (chee) in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Aculief has been designed to apply this pressure consistent with Traditional Chinese Medicine while enjoying an active lifestyle.”

His & Her Tea Infuser

Not only a bit of fun, looks cool and useful for all the loose tea drinkers out there – His & Her Tea Infusers.

– Super cute little people design tea infuser
His & Hers matching set tea infuser, come with 2PCS
– Varying colors, grey for beast and pink for beauty
– Small hole prevent tea leaf escape out and into tea
– Made of food grade silicone, won’t leave any taste and odour to tea
– Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
– Easy to make tea, hang this little people on the edge of mug, infuse with hot water. Easy to take it out of hot water without burning your finger.
Enjoy your loved tea time with the loved one.

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