Home COMMUNITY Ballymoney Foodbank thanks ‘dedicated volunteers’

Ballymoney Foodbank thanks ‘dedicated volunteers’


Ballymoney Foodbank has thanked its dedicated volunteers who given the current COVID-19 situation are extremely busy.

Reliant on food donations, the Foodbank have experienced shortages on certain items due to the growing demand on food shops and panic buying, yet demand for the Foodbank services has increased.

A spokesperson for the charity has said:

“Massive thanks again this week to all our dedicated volunteers who continue doing sterling work within Foodbank. You are all amazing. Also many thanks to the dozens of people who have offered to help in all sorts of capacities.

“We currently plan to open on our normal days but with reduced hours i.e. – tomorrow we will open 2.00-3.30 p.m. and on Tuesday morning 10.00 a.m. – 11.30 a.m.

“Please note that due to Social Distancing rules we ask that all our clients, on arrival at Foodbank, remain in their cars and we will approach you, take your voucher and then bring your food out to your car. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER OUR BUILDING.

“We at Foodbank will continue to supply the people of Ballymoney throughout this crisis and are happy to report that donations can once again be left in the collection box at Tesco. Donations can also still be left in CAN CAN.

“Many thanks for your continued support.”