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Bendooragh Red Phone Box Saved

Back on the 25th April 2018 as part of the Causeway Coast & Glen Council Planning Committee meeting, a consultation was put forward by BT on the removal of the traditional red phone box on the Bann Road in Bendooragh located outside Boyd’s garage.

Credit: Google Street View

BT has got in touch with the council earlier that month on the 9th April setting out their proposal to remove the phone box as they are obliged to do before carrying out such work.
BT informed the council that the phone box was damaged beyond what they described ‘economical repair’ and that over the previous 12 months the phone box had very little use. Council were told that the nearest phone box was located at Culcrow Park in Aghadowey. Council were to make their initial response in 42 days and any other comments/objections made with 90 days, including thoses from the local community.
Two options were put before the planning committee:

  1. Agree to support removal.
  2. Agree to oppose removal.

Option 2 to oppose removal was proposed by Cllr Roisin Loftus (SDLP) and seconded by Cllr Sandra Hunter (UUP)
An amendment was proposed by Alderman William King and Cllr Fitzpatrick to go for option 1 to support removal.
The amendment was put to the council to vote but failed with 1 member for the amendment, 8 against and 4 abstained.
The original proposal was then put for council to vote for option 2 to oppose removal which passed with 8 members for, 1 against and 4 abstained.

Credit: Google Street View

After members agreed to oppose the decision to the removal of the traditional red phone box, BT have now decided to drop its plans to remove it, so for the time the red phone box will remain a feature of Bendooragh.

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