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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Blood Donations still needed to save lives

At the NIBTS, they understand that we are all currently experiencing extremely challenging and unprecedented times.

The safety and health of the patients we serve as well as our dedicated donors and staff is our priority.

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When the main focus of attention is COVID-19, we need to be mindful that every hour of every day the health services across the world continue to care for other vulnerable patients experiencing a vast range of conditions which may be life threatening or have a significant impact on their day to day lives.

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Whilst some planned activities such as surgery and outpatient appointments will be paused, the care and treatment of many patients must continue. Many of these patients require treatment for cancer or other urgent life threatening and limiting conditions. Some will become so unwell that they need blood, platelets or other blood products to manage their condition. For this reason, it is essential that we must maintain sufficient stocks of blood and blood products and ask our committed and loyal donors to continue to make the effort to provide their generous gift of blood and platelets over the coming weeks and months.

To ensure that our donors and staff are kept as safe as possible, you will have already seen some changes to how we manage our donation sessions. As the situation remains fluid, it is likely that the advice, guidance and actions we take will change frequently. To keep up to date with these changes, we ask that you check our website at nibts.org or follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest information.


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In addition to the usual criteria for donation (see Can I Donate?), you must not attend a donation session if in the past 14 days:

  • you have felt unwell, with or without a temperature, for any reason (including the common cold and tummy upsets)
  • anyone in your household has been isolated because they have a temperature in excess of 37.8 ⁰C and/or they have had a recent onset dry persistent cough in
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