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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Coleraine digital education platform to provide boost to local businesses

A new online education platform launching in September is set to revolutionise local businesses by providing cutting-edge digital skills training designed to increase productivity, performance and sales.

Triovia has been months in the making and boasts talent worldwide from developers and video producers to online marketing strategists.  Despite containing a complete online skills curriculum, its simplicity and ease of use are set to transform the way small business owners run their organisations in today’s digital and social media driven marketplace.

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The business world is evolving at an incredible pace, and the way that organisations need to operate in order to stay ahead of the competition has changed dramatically in the last few years, according to Triovia.

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Today, small business owners need to implement effective social media and digital marketing strategies if they are to survive. Triovia claim that search optimised websites, Facebook business pages, Twitter feeds, Instagram pages and list building are just some of the many channels that are required as a minimum if businesses are to stand out and attract customers.

"The reality, however, is that most small business owners are either too uncertain of where to start, or are wasting time with ineffective strategies that are holding them back," said the firm.

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Triovia is an online academy designed to provide the knowledge and digital skills to dramatically boost the reach and performance of small businesses, through a curriculum of bite-sized training modules that are "simple to understand and easy to implement".

"Web development, SEO, Google Analytics, digital marketing, brand building, content creation, paid advertising, social media, email marketing and list building are just a fraction of the training topics that will be delivered, with the information cleverly structured for all levels of ability and experience. Whether you’re seasoned in the digital arena, or completely new, Triovia will change the way you look at and operate your business," said a spokesperson from Triovia.

Geoffrey Moffett, founder of Triovia said: “In developing Triovia, we’ve listened to exactly what it is that today’s business owners want and need. Triovia was conceived and built to fill a huge gap in the market and will provide the knowledge and skills – delivered in simple bite-sized video format – to allow businesses to jump ahead of their competition, reduce operating costs and increase sales.”

To find out more about Triovia and to add yourself to the interest list, visit the link below: www.triovia.com

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