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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Councillor Mulholland highlights wheelchair access problems in Portstewart

SDLP Councillor Angela Mulholland was recently asked by a Portstewart resident to review disability access.

Local resident Liane Jamieson, a wheelchair user, wanted a review of disability access from her house on Convention Avenue to the Promenade and right round to the New York Inn at the beginning of the Station Road.

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Speaking after accompanying Ms Jamieson along this route, Cllr Mulholland said;

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“We were accompanied by Mr Colin Harris from Traffic Management Section/Northern Divison/County Hall and also by Mrs Patricia McGuigan representing Portstewart Community Association.

“The walk around the town highlighted many of the barriers that Liane and other wheelchair users face on a daily basis. These are issues that many of us take for granted, like simply crossing the road, crossing the road behind parked cars, getting on and off pavements, access into some shops and cafes. I took pictures of the areas of concerns and these are being looked into by Colin and his department.

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“On behalf of Liane and Patricia, I would like to express my sincerest thanks to Colin for his willingness to meet us and to spend the morning reviewing the issues. I would also like to thank Liane for contacting me for help and to Patricia for her support.
Together we can make change.”

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