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Councillor Wilson calls for former Hazard House to be returned to a family home again


Ulster Unionist Councillor Darryl Wilson has called upon Council and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive to return the Glebeside’s “Hazard House” to a “family home” again due to housing stock crisis.

Councillor Wilson proposed at Tuesday night’s environmental services committee that Council ask Housing Executive to explore returning the “Hazard House” located in the Glebeside estate in Ballymoney to its former condition which would provide a much-needed family home in the estate.

In a statement following Tuesday nights meeting, he said “For the last 16 years, the premises were made available to the council by the housing executive to provide home safety advice for community groups, school and youth groups, and members of the public. Funding for the above scheme was provided by the PHA.

“While I appreciate the importance of home safety advice provision within our community, I am also acutely aware that the lack of social housing is a major issue in the town of Ballymoney.

“The safety scheme in question is 16 years old now, I have instructed council staff to liaise with other stakeholders including the PHA to ask if new modern methods can allow this important training to take place in different temporary locations across the Borough (eg Community buildings etc), helping to increase the spread of home safety awareness, while at the same time freeing up the former social housing property to be restored to a much-needed family home by the Housing Executive.

“I was pleased that my proposal gained unanimous support and am hopeful that the other agencies involved are in agreement.”