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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Glebeside MUGA to host three day Summer Sports Camp

MMD Coaching is bringing their Sumner Sports Camp to the Glebeside Estate in Ballymoney for three days this July.

The sports camp is open to boys & girls aged from 4 up to 13, to chose from range of activities and sports, including Nerf.

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Or why not take part in their Euro 2021 football.

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From July 28-30, the Glebeside MUGA will host the camp for children at a cost of £30 – additional children £25 each – with pre-booking necessary.

Other venues in the area over the summer include; Portrush Parker Avenue July 14-16 and Bushmills Dundrave playing fields August 16-18

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For Booking information visit: https://www.teamfeepay.com/s/n0raBkH

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