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Friday, February 26, 2021

Glebeside Play Park Vandalised…AGAIN!

The play park within the Glebeside estate has yet again been vandalised for the second time in as many weeks.After years of lobbying the local council, the Glebeside Community secured a new MUGA and replacement of their run down and tried play park a few years ago. Since then it has seen much use by the community and up until recently been taken care of.

Unfortunately a few weeks ago damage was caused to some of the apparatus within the park and the safety tiles which prevents serious injury should a child fall. In the past days the park has yet again been the target of more vandalism.

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A spokesperson from Glebeside Community Association had this to say;

The facilities at the Wee park as it’s known have been vandalised again . Reports are that it’s young local kids that have done it . Could we ask parents to make their kids aware that these facilities are to be respected .

The council will not keep replacing apparatus on a regular basis ,when they refuse to fix them then we’re back to what we had before , a run down park . Then the complaints start.

Be proud of Glebeside.

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The Community Association would urge any of the residents that witness damage to the park happening or who come across more damage to report it to them.


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