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Help find Kofi’s match


Do you have the potential to be the match that Kofi needs for his blood stem cell transplant, which is crucial for his recovery from Hodgkin’s lymphoma?

Kofi Blair is a 20-year-old football fan living in Ballymoney with his family.

He was diagnosed with the illness in September 2021 after experiencing symptoms of excessive sweating, fatigue, and a lump on the left side of his neck.

After undergoing various tests and treatments, Kofi’s doctors have now recommended a stem cell transplant as the next step. Unfortunately, none of Kofi’s family members are a match, so are now appealing for an unrelated donor to potentially save his life.

Kofi’s family became aware of the importance of stem cell donors through the #DoitforDaniel campaign, which has already helped someone else undergoing a successful transplant. Now, they hope that a similar outcome can be achieved for Kofi.

Joining the register could make a difference to Kofi and individuals in similar situations. To request your swab pack, simply click the button below.

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