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Incredible work being done by Village Blinds, Ballymena


Jim Allister has recognised the work being done by Ballymena business, village blinds, as they have turned their normal blinds making production line into one producing medical scrubs.

In a statement by TUV leader Jim Allister said:

“I was privileged this morning to meet with Harold McCloy to see and hear of the phenomenal work being done by his company ‘Village Blinds’ to support the NHS and care workers.

“Already 4,000 scrubs have been produced from 10,000 metres of fabric and next week they plan to move on to the production of visors.

“The financial support from the Loyal Orders, which has made this community venture possible, is equally deserving of acknowledgement and appreciation. In Ballymena in this project we are seeing community effort at its best. Well done to all concerned.

“Yet, this company demonstrates a gap in the Government’s Covid-19 support schemes. As a manufacturing business it does not qualify for any support because its NAV is above £15,000. There is an urgent need to extend the £25,000 support to manufacturing businesses such as Village Blinds. There is something obviously wrong when a company can make such a Herculean effort to help our vital services through this crisis, and yet be excluded from the scheme.

“Accordingly, I will be again contacting the Economy minister on behalf of this company (and others) to press for revision of the support scheme.”