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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Inspector Magee praised for saving mans life in cliff edge drama

On Friday 29th May a concerned member of the public had contacted the PSNI in reference to the welfare of a male in his 40’s at Ramore cliff edge in Portrush.

Due to the diligence and professionalism of the PSNI, RNLI, and H.M. Coastguard who had conducted the search the man was brought to safety.

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Speaking to McAuley Multimedia, Independent Councillor William McCandless said,
A few days ago I praised the NIFRS for the work they are doing that like most of our Emergency Services goes unnoticed.

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“I would wish to comment today on an action of one member of the PSNI whom I have worked with on various projects over the past few years and who would have been quite willing for this to slip under the radar and go unnoticed as he is not one to mention his own achievements. However, I felt it would be remiss to let this pass without mention as it demonstrated the solicitous nature of this man and his dedication to serving the community.

“He is a well-known face on Coleraine High Street, Chief Inspector Ian Magee, an extremely popular gentleman with the local community and one who genuinely engages with everyone.

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“What most people don’t know about Ian is that on Friday 29th May he was engaged in assisting a male who was in distress at Ramore Head. Ian maintained contact, holding conversation and persevered with the man for a considerable time until he won his trust and was able to deliver him safely to his family.

“I felt this couldn’t go unrecognised, many of us know the caring individual Ian is and it is a testimony to Ian and the PSNI of their duty of care to the community. He is too modest to mention it himself.

“The Ambulance Service, RNLI, H.M. Coastguard and other members of the PSNI were on hand at the scene as support to Ian in a job well done. The role of all services involved was supportive, considerate and compassionate.
“Congratulations to all involved.”

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