Just Giving appeal launched for Kittens found in a bag


A Just Giving page has now been set up to help support the kittens found abandoned last week in a bag outside a house in Ballycastle.

The kittens were discovered by a Lady when she found a bag hanging on her front gate. To her surprise, when she looked inside, she found five kittens looking back at her.

The kittens, thought to only be a few weeks old, were handed into the Coleraine Branch of Cats Protection. The five kittens were named Skye, Zuma, Rocky, Rubble and Marshal but unfortunately since then Rubble has sadly passed away despite the best efforts of the staff.

The cats charity are happy however to report that the other kittens are in good health but have now appealed for donations to help support the kittens care, asking that the public;

“Please consider donating towards the kittens vet bills and feeding costs to help us give these kittens the happy future they deserves.  Any funds raised over and above those needed for the kittens will be used for the benefit of other cats in our care.”

If you would like to donate to these four little kittens care then you can donate via the dedicated Just Giving page or contact the Coleraine Branch of the Cats Protection Charity directly.


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