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Monday, May 16, 2022

Kylemore Nursery School vandalised.

Kylemore Nursery School is the latest target in the Coleraine area
following recent vandalism on properties.

Councillor William McCandless said ‘This morning I went to the,
Principal at Kylemore Nursery School concerning what appears to be a
mixture of vandalism and opportunistic theft.

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There is evidence on CCTV of a lone raider destroying flower beds, removing
stones from the decorative wall at the front of the premises. Also, metal
objects ( play hoops for the children ) were stolen from the storage shed,
the BBQ area and a brass tap.

Obviously, these will be taken to a scrap metal merchant so the PSNI may
have something to check on. A bag which the thief had attempted to use and
a pile of ornamental stones which were also to be stolen were abandoned.
Once again the vulnerable in our society are affected, any of these attacks
or wanton destruction generally affect our children or the elderly.

I would wish to pay tribute to the principal and her staff. There are in
excess of 100 children attending this nursery, it is business as usual. All the children were carrying on with
their activities oblivious to what had happened.

‘Commenting on the vandalism Claire Sugden MLA said . “ I am appalled at
the senseless vandalism at Kylemore Nursery School this morning. Clearly,
this is selfishly motivated behaviour disregarding the children, their
families and the community.I was speaking with Kylemore this morning and
while disappointed they are handling the situation fantastically well
ensuring no disruption or upset to the children. I’ve no doubt they are
pulling themselves up and moving on. I am pleased the police have
responded and are pursuing an investigation, but if you have any
information please contact PSNI on 101. ‘

Police in Coleraine are currently investigating a report of Criminal Damage and Theft that occurred on Tuesday 26th February 2019 between 0230hrs and 0430hrs at Kylemore Nursery School, Kylemore Road Coleraine.
If anyone has information regarding this, or have seen anyone acting suspiciously around this area at that time, can they please contact Police on 101 quoting reference CCS172 of 26/2/19 or alternatively you can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


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