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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

New Year’s Eve Vision4Kids 24hr charity sit out in Ballymoney

Last New Years Eve saw the final charity sit out after ten years by Ballymoney businessman Johnathan Gault on behalf of GoUganda, BUT now there’s new ‘kids’ on the block…or should that be Street?

This year a different face and different charity will take Jonathan’s seat, when Stephen Fletcher beginning the long 24 hour sit out on Church Street, running from 9am New Year’s Eve into 9 am the following day.

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Stephen will be raising money on behalf of Vision4kids, as the year turns from old to new, encouraging locals to support this charity.

“Please stop by and say hello. Looking forward to raising some funds for our next classroom block in Kiambururu, Kenya.

“If you can’t stop by but would like to donate, please get in touch.”

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For more information check out Vision4kids Facebook page.

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