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‘Our Children have been failed’ say Armoy residents

Armoy Community Association have called on Minister for Infastructure, Nichola Mallon, to address the issue over lack of gritting outside the villages primary school.

The Association made the statement on Facebook saying:

“This is Armoy in 2020. This is the road outside St Olcan’s Primary School. The school has been here a long, long time.

“They tell us the road cannot be gritted. They tell us it doesn’t meet the criteria.

“We have written dozens and dozens of letters. We have tried and our children have been failed.

“Today, we are calling on Minister for Infastructure, Nichola Mallon MLA, to step in and provide the approval for this decision outside this rural school – where we think the circumstances permit funding as a special case.

“Our school children deserve better.”

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MLA for the area Philip McGuigan responded saying:

“I have asked a priority question re gritting for St.Olcans and St. Patricks Loughgiel to the Minister for Infrastructure and again written to the Northern division of road service. Both these roads should be gritted.

“£5 million extra to cover the rest of the road network. To cover these two schools would cost very little”

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Mr McGuigan also posted a copy of the letter he wrote to David Porter at DfI.

‘I know the issue of gritting the Glensheck road in Armoy within the 30 mph limit,to help cater for parents leaving/picking up their children from St.OIcans, has been raised on numerous occasions but I feel its needs urgent consideration.
I feel that this short stretch of road should be added to the schedule and can be done so without any disruption to the current schedule.
Given the steepness of the hill and the safety of children attending the school this needs to happen before a tragedy occurs.
I would like to make a similar argument in relation to St. Patrick’s Loughgiel. In both cases these schools and the parents and children face similar challenges in icy and snowy conditions.
Given they both sit close to main roads and the gritter literally passes by I dent think either will cause any disruption or require additional resources.
I hope you give serious consideration to these requests.
I look forward to your response. Philip McGuigan MLA

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