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Remember your ‘furry friends’ this Halloween night


As the spooky vale between worlds grows thin this evening and all matter of creatures roam our streets! spare an extra thought for your furry friends‘ this Halloween night who may not just be in the same ‘spirit’ to enjoy it.

Halloween night and the festivities it brings – particular fireworks – can be an anxious time for our four-legged friends who can find the experience of loud bangs and increased activity coming to our front doors extremely stressful.

Pets can begin to exhibit physical symptoms to stresses which can include; pacing or circling & being generally restless, an effort to hide or move away from loud noise, excessive grooming and licking which is out of character, and being more vocal than normal.

Unfortunately, there is little we can do usually to prevent this type of behaviour as causes are often out of our control, BUT the good news is we can help minimise the impact on our furry friends and here are a few tips to help.

  • It’s a myth that forcing your pet along to firework displays will in some way desensitise them to the noise, this can make matters worse by only further adding to the anxiety;
  • Instead, try where possible to remove your pet from the situation or attempt to dampen the sound. Closing doors & windows, turning up the TV and distracting their attention via play and treats can all help;
  • NEVER punish pets for this type of behaviour, this in itself can have a detrimental effect on them and cause further anxiety;
  • Create somewhere safe that the animal can go which feels safe and familiar;
  • It’s best to have someone the animal knows to stay with them at this time and remember to bring any animal outside in;
  • For more severe case vets can prescribe medication, but this is often the last resort and:
  • Positive reinforcement that it’s going to be alright – loads of cuddles! – will do you both good.