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Save the Roddens! Public meeting organised


A new steering group has been set up in the wake of the threatened closure announcement of the Roddens care home in Ballymoney. Their first public meeting will be held in Ballymoney Town Hall on 24th June at 8pm and everyone who supports fighting these closures are welcomed to attend.

Cllr Wilson had the following to say to local paper The Times;

“The meeting went really well. We had staff members, people with family members as residents and even people whose families had been cared for in the Roddens in the past.

“Keeping the Roddens open is a basic need for people in this community.”

“The Roddens provides step-up care, step-down care and rehab. We have one of the most aging populations in any council area in Northern Ireland.

“This is great because it shows the great quality of life we have here because people are living longer but threatening to close a facility like the Roddens only puts increased pressure on places like the Robinson, Causeway and Dalriada hospitals.

“It is not the fault of the residents of the Roddens that an inability to agree on Welfare Reform is costing us £2 million a week but yet they are suffering, this should not be affecting the most vulnerable people.”