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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Sectarian graffiti at Co-Antrim village football pitch reported

The small Co-Antrim village of Balnamore outside Ballymoney which was the victim of a sectarian graffiti attack believed to have happened some time ago, has now had the incident reported by a local Councillor.

Painted across one of the plastic shelters which surround the villages football pitch, the acronym ‘IRA’ has appeared in large white letters, in reference to the illegal proscribed organisation ‘The Irish republican army’.

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Local Alderman for the area John Finlay condemned the act of vandalism as a ‘disgraceful act’ saying: “Today I have reported illegal graffiti at Balnamore Football Pitch. I completely condemn this unacceptable behaviour.

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“I hope this can be removed as soon as possible. I would like to remind those behind this disgraceful act that it will not be tolerated and I would ask all residents to remain vigilant, reporting any further incidents.”

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