Tesco makes ‘Quiet Hour’ permanent


In welcomed news, leading shopping chain Tesco has confirmed they will continue their ‘Quiet Hour’ initiative.

Confirming the news, the company announced that store lights would be dimmed and noise at the checkouts reduced from 9-10 am every Wednesday & Saturday.

This continues Tescos commitment to ensuring shopping in stores is less overwhelming for customers with Autism.

Tesco Group Customer Proposition Director, Claire Pickthall said: “We know that almost 20% of the population in the UK have a disability and we want to be able to help our customers as much as we can. So I am really proud that at Tesco, we are taking another step in being a more inclusive business by introducing Quiet Hour across all our stores.

“I know that for some people the shopping trip can be stressful and not just for people with a disability but for others looking for a calmer place to shop. We want everyone to know that Tesco is a welcome place for everyone to come and shop or work with us.”

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