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Triovia to Launch a Revolutionary Digital Media Web-Based Knowledge Platform This June


New Web-Based Training Platform for Small Business Owners.

A digital knowledge platform, is launching a beta release in June that is set to revolutionise local businesses. The platform provides cutting-edge digital skills training intended to increase productivity, performance and sales.

In response to the onset of COVID-19 a global pandemic, Triovia reached out to local businesses to identify what support is needed to help businesses survive and grow during these unprecedented times.

In addition to the apparent need for user-friendly, cost-efficient business models with seamless online functionality, there is a growing demand from small businesses for practical, no-nonsense support in managing their digital/social media presence.

Enter Triovia, a revolutionary online academy designed to provide the knowledge and digital skills to boost the reach and performance of small businesses dramatically.

The business world is evolving at an incredible pace, and the way organisations need to operate to stay ahead of the competition has changed dramatically in the last few years.

Today, small business owners need to implement effective social media and digital marketing strategies if they are to survive. Optimised websites, Facebook business pages, Twitter feeds, Instagram posts and e-mail marketing plans are necessary if a business is to stand out.

However, the reality is most small business owners are focusing on what they know best, which is looking after existing customers. Businesses lack information and knowledge about the digital landscape; the opportunities it presents, and uncertain of where to start are most likely to apply ineffective approaches.

As a member of the Triovia community, you will initially first receive coaching on the development of a Social Media Strategy, a course on Digital Fundamentals and a course on navigating the e-commerce scene through platforms such as Shopify.

The curriculum, formulated into bite-sized training modules for online delivery, is simple to understand and easy to implement. It transforms the way small business owners’ function in today’s digital and social media driven marketplace.

Some of the topics covered in the course are those that will help your business measure and increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your online media spaces such as web development, SEO and Google Analytics. Other topics include digital marketing, brand building, content creation, paid advertising, social media management, e-mail marketing, and list building.

Triovia cleverly structures the course information for all levels of ability and experience. Whether you’re seasoned in the digital arena, or completely new, Triovia will change the way you look at and operate your business.

Geoffrey Moffett, founder of Triovia, said:

“In developing Triovia, we’ve listened to exactly what it is that today’s business owners want and need. Triovia was conceived and built to fill a gap in the market and will provide the knowledge, skills and community of practice for businesses leveraging on digital platforms. The content is delivered in simple, bite-sized video format – to allow businesses to jump ahead of their competition, reduce operating costs and increase sales.”

Triovia’s mission statement “we exist to help creators gain the knowledge they need to understand and use in today’s digital economy” comes to life through the training platform.

To add yourself to the waitlist, visit the link below and discover this ground-breaking platform that is about to change the local business landscape.