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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Wee Baby Ollie’s ‘Homecare Appeal’

Baby Ollie Beverland has had a lot to deal with so far in his short life, spending the majority of his first year in hospital due to a medical condition.

Despite this, Ollie seems to have taken it all on his stride and has now thankfully at home with mum Vicky and dad Dylan since April.

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However baby Ollie still requires daily medical treatment called TPN (Total parenteral nutrition) which required special training to be given to Ollie’s parents before he could go home safely.

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Now Ollie is growing, so do his needs, and in response The Glebe Rangers Football Club are holding a fundraiser, with all money raised going to the purchase of a specialist bed for Ollie.

As mum Vicky explains, this is a vital piece of equipment as Ollie grows.

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“Until July we had him sorted with doing all care on a changing table but with his feed and TPN Nutrition he’s too big now.

“So now we need a bed to be able to carry out his care safely as everything has to be sterile.“

The Night at the Races is being held at the Manor Hotel on Saturday September 26th starting at 7.30pm.

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