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‘William Gordon Burr‘ lifeboat returns to Portrush mooring


The ‘William Gordon Burr’ Lifeboat has returned to its moorings in Portrush Harbour on Tuesday evening following a short stay in Killybegs.

The Lifeboat has been moored up at Killybegs for inspection and repairs after temporary running aground in Portrush harbour whilst towing a small vessel to a pontoon in the harbour back in June.

At the time the RNLI said: “The All-Weather lifeboat returned to the harbour with the vessel in tow at 5.30pm. In extremely challenging weather conditions the lifeboat temporarily went aground while assisting the casualty vessel to reach the pontoon.

“As a safety precaution the All-Weather Lifeboat has now been placed off service to allow a full inspection take place in the morning. Portrush RNLI’s inshore lifeboat remains on service.

Prior to this the ‘William Gordon Burr’ was brought into service at Portrush in May 2008, replacing the ‘Katie Hannan’ who itself ran aground while tasked to a rescue to Rathlin in 2008.

Unfortunately the ‘Katie Hannan’ suffering considerable damage and was eventually removed from service as a result.

The Portrush ‘William Gordon Burr’ Lifeboat will now return to full service on the North Coast and beyond.