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Causeway Councils new Mayor and Deputy announced


The new incoming Mayor and his deputy, have formally been decided and have taken up their new positions following tonights Causeway Coast & Glens Council AGM.

The DUP’s Alderman Mark Fielding will take up the position of Mayor for the incoming 2020/21 term, where Alderman Tom McKeown from the UUP will become the new Deputy Mayor.

Alderman Fielding has been a Councillor since 2011, then the old Coleraine Council, where he sat alongside his Wife in the chamber, also then a DUP Councillor for Coleaine East.

Speaking to Causeway Coast Community following the announcement, Mr Fielding said:

“I consider it a great honour and privilege to serve the people of this borough and i am looking forward to the incoming year.”

“The last few months have been unprecedented with the COVID-19 pandemic and I wish to pay tribute to the council as they have worked together with everyone in the community to help protect the most vrunrable.”

“I pay particular tribute to key workers, frontline staff and indeed others in employment who kept our country together at this time.”

“Hopefully we are seeing the first steps in the path to recovery and I wish to see the economy return to our villages, towns and costal resorts of our beautiful borough.”

“For the incoming year I am looking forward to working with the Deputy Mayor Alderman Tom McKeown, elected members and the citizens of this borough to create a better future for all.”

Alderman McKeown is also a long standing Councillor who was a previous Mayor of Ballymoney Borough Council, and will work alongside Alderman Fielding in carrying out the Mayoral duties over the following year.