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Council calls on dog owners to always put safety first


Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council is calling on dog owners to always put safety first.

The appeal comes as Council continues to receive reports about incidents where dogs have attacked people and other animals.

All dog owners should ensure they have adequate control over their pets. While it is important to enjoy a daily walk, dog owners are encouraged to use leads in public spaces, especially if there are other people or dog walkers in the vicinity.

At home, dogs should be kept secure so they do not stray.

If your dog attacks and injures another dog, the owner or the person in charge of the dog is liable for prosecution. The maximum fine for this offence is £1000. If an attack causes injury to another person, the maximum court penalty is a fine of £5000 along with a possible prison term. A court can also order the dog to be humanely destroyed.

Council can impose legal requirements on the owner of a dog suspected of being involved in an attack, such as ensuring it always wears a muzzle or is kept on a lead in public. Breaches of these requirements are offences for which the owner or person is charge of the dog is liable.

There are lots of great places across the borough for dog owners and their pets to enjoy their daily walks but please ensure you do this safely and responsibly with regard for others.

For further advice or to report a dog attack incident please email environmentalhealth@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk