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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Flying of Rainbow Flag motion retaken and defeated

A call-in by the DUP last year over the flying of the Rainbow Flag outside Cloonavin for one day in support of Foyle Pride, has resulted in a re-vote tonight at the Council meeting based on legal advice.

Advice was that the vote should be retaken tonight, BUT was defeated 17-15.

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This means that despite the motion on August 6th last year passing, this second vote on the motion has now failed and the flag will not fly outside Council HQ.

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Alliance Councillor Chris McCaw said:

“I’m disappointed but not surprised that the outcome was against flying the Rainbow flag alongside the Union flag for one day. People will rightly be asking why we are discussing this given the major issues facing our council.

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The fact is, we discussed it, we debated it, we decided to do it and then the DUP blocked it because they couldn’t cope with not getting their own way. One day is all we were asking for. Our legal opinion showed clearly that not a single one of the DUP’s objections had any legal merit. “

We will now have to find other ways of showing our LGBT citizens that they are valued and equal members of our society. I would like to thank my colleagues in Sinn Féin, the SDLP and UUP who did back this idea.”

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