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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

‘I didn’t dig this hole’ say Causeway Councillor

Causeway Independent Councillor Padraig McShane has said that he wants to help ratepayers, claiming that he ‘didn’t dig this hole’ but would ‘help dig’ them out of it.

This comes as Council have agreed a rate increase of 7.42% last Thursday, while also cutting costs of £2.2m in order to address the current debt issue facing Causeway Council.

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The independent Councillor is to put forward proposals to further address the councils financial position, given that its reserves, have been described by an independent financial consultancy firm as ‘dangerously low’. These include asking fellow Councillors to take a pay cut.

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Speaking about this, Mr McShane said:

I“I didn’t dig this hole for the ratepayers but I want to help dig us out of it,”

“I would encourage councillors to refrain from claiming mileage expenses or other extras.

“I would also say councillors should look to show leadership by reducing their income by 50% and putting that back in the pot.

“Our allowances are paid to us in the same way as at Stormont – it is statutory and it is not set by us.

“But I would encourage councillors to establish a mechanism whereby 50% of our income could be put back into the council’s finances.”

“I’m making that a proposal.”

HOWEVER DUPs Cllr John McAuley has responded to Cllr McShane statement, saying:

“This is another attempt by Cllr McShane to keep himself in the headlines with populist comments, which may fuel anger within the community.

“If only he would put as much effort into constructive work in the chamber, rather than focusing his energy on the apparent destructive and personal agendas at the heart of everything he does.”

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