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Friday, April 23, 2021

McShane says furloughing of council staff at 80% a way to ‘claw back’ money due to ‘mismanagement of finances’

Causeway Coast & Glens Councillor, Padraig McShane, has accused the Unionist parties in Council as using the Job retention scheme of furloughing staff at 80%, as a way to ‘claw back’ money to prevent ‘bankruptcy’ of Causeway Coast & Glens.

Council proposed on Tuesday night to furlough staff not currently required at 80%. This was despite an amendment to the proposal by Sinn Fein and supported by SDLP, Alliance & Cllr McShane himself, to top this up to 100% – an amendment which went on to fail.

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Speaking about councils finances, the Independent Councillor said:

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This mismanagement of finances in Causeway Coast and Glens has been catastrophic for a number of years. 

A report by Price Waterhouse Coopers made clear to councillors that major financial irregularities had taken place in Causeway Coast and Glens.

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The Council was technically heading for bankruptcy by financial year end 2020.  To claw back that money the DUP UUP and surprisingly the PUP have attacked workers – some of them the lowest paid in the organisation – by attempting to Furlough and reduce their income by 20%. Many Councils across the North have furloughed workers and maintained their income base by supplementing the 20%. Ours is in no position to do so because of the financial mismanagement.

In response to another Councillors justification for not supporting the amendment on Tuesday night, Mr McShane concluded:

Instead of responding to my statements the Councillor would be better advised to respond to the financial irregularities that appeared so evident in 2019/20. 

If Cllr McAuley or any other member wants to do right by the people of Causeway Coast and Glens it’s time he started challenging those financial irregularities that impact on everyone.

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