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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Syrian group welcomed by the Mayor to Cloonavin

A group of Syrian people who now live in Causeway Coast and Glens have enjoyed a visit to Cloonavin.

The Mayor, Councillor Richard Holmes, invited them to Council’s headquarters as a gesture of support and solidarity.

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Speaking afterwards, he said:

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“I was pleased to have this opportunity to meet with families from Syria who have made the Borough their home. It is important that we reach out the hand of friendship, especially to those who have been forced to flee under such difficult circumstances. It is encouraging to see how the group has settled here and I hope they continue to thrive and enjoy life in the area.”

Alderman Yvonne Boyle, Chair of Causeway Borough of Sanctuary, said:

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“We are delighted that the Mayor has a hosted a reception for Syrians who are living in the Borough.  Lockdown has been a hard time on everyone but especially those getting used to living in a new country.

“The City of Sanctuary movement promotes a culture of welcome, inclusion and respect for diversity.  We are glad that the Mayor also invited people who have been supporting the Syrians including volunteer English teachers and Causeway Borough of Sanctuary Committee members and would like to thank him for the very warm welcome he afforded to the group.”

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