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Court hears driver caught for seventh time without insurance


A Ballymoney driver has been disqualified after being caught for the seventh time without insurance, Coleraine Magistrates Court heard.

George McElreavey (33) with his address listed as West Field Park in Seacon Ballymoney, had his case listed at Coleraine Magistrates sitting at Ballymena Court on Monday, October 12.

The defendant was stopped by Police on March 4 on the Newbridge Road Coleraine this year and was found to be driving without insurance, not having a valid vehicle test certificate and tinted front windscreen including front offside & nearside windows.

The defendant was reported for these matters and via his Defence Solicitor Garrett Green entered a guilty plea for all three charges.

The court heard that the defendant’s insurance was by way of auto-renewal and that he had received recent correspondence to call and renew his policy, but hadn’t done so. That his insurance had only just expired that day, and that he also renewed it that day, but accepted that he was without insurance for 12 hours.

Mr McElreavey who wasn’t in court asked by way of the Defence Solicitor if the court could deal with this matter by way of a short disqualification revealing that this was his ‘third account for no insurance’.

However, District Judge King going over his previous record told the court that this was, in fact, the defendants ‘seventh no insurance’ offence since 2010 and that his ‘personal administration was poor’.

Disqualifying him for six months for no insurance, Judge King said that it ‘would have been much longer had it not been a plea at the earliest opportunity’.

Mr McElreavey was also ordered to pay a fine of £200, £75 for each of the other two charges and a £15 offenders levy.