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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Court hears Paramedic required medical test after being spat at

A court has heard that a man who was disorderly at Causeway Hospitals emergency department, is alleged to have spat on a paramedic.

At Coleraine Magistrates Court on Monday, Colin Brady (27) of Brook Place Coleraine, is facing two charges of disorderly behaviour on May 2 this year at Redwood Park Coleraine and later at the emergency department of Causeway Hospital. The defendant is also accused of assault on an emergency worker on the same date.

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Entering guilty pleas to the charges before the court, the lawyer for the defendant was told that as the assault charge was on an emergency worker, pleas couldn’t be accepted by the prosecution as the case “may well be going on indictment” to the Crown Court.

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The court heard that the defendant spat on the paramedic who required medical tests, the results of which are still outstanding accordingly to the prosecution.

The defence lawyer in the case questioned why medical tests were required, that his understanding was that the spit landed on the Paramedic’s clothing.

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District Judge Peter King in reply said: “I suspect there may be tests as a result of this incident from the Paramedic, which would suggest the spit went elsewhere other than the clothing.” (sic)

The case was adjourned to be heard before Coleraine Magistrates’ Court again on August 16.

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