District Judge tells court GBH case ‘not suitable for jurisdiction’


At Coleraine Magistrates Court on October 30, a District Judge has told the court that a case where a man is charged with GBH is not one which is suitable for the (jurisdiction) Magistrate court.

Norman Booth (37) of Cozie Road Castlecatt Bushmills according to court listings, has been charged with GBH on August 31, 2018, on one man with a further charge on the same date of common assault on another man.

Explaining to the defendant who appeared in court, the Judge said that this case is one which could “either be dealt by a Magistrates Court or the Crown Court” BUT given the severity of injuries the Judge didn’t feel it was an “appropriate forum” for the case.

The District Judge sent the case back to the PPS to be reconsidered to proceed on indictment at the Crown Court.

The case was adjourned to November 27 for reconsideration.

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