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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Judge tells speeding pharmacist he ‘should know better’

A judge told a pharmacist caught doing more than twice the speed limit that as he was in a responsible role he “should know better”.

District Judge Nigel Broderick was speaking to Michael Odhran Scullion (41) of Dalriada Avenue, Cushendall, who was detected doing 61mph in a 30mph zone at Garron Road, Waterfoot, on January 8 this year.

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A defence solicitor told Ballymena Magistrates Court it was the winter time and there was no other traffic about and the defendant, who had involvement with outlets in Larne and Carnlough, was trying to get to Carnlough “to dispense”.

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The court heard the defendant had a clear record.

Judge Broderick said it was more than double the speed limit.

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He told the defendant: “We are told time and time again speed is a major cause of accidents”.

He said the defendant was in a responsible job and “should know better”.

The judge added: “Hopefully, you have learned your lesson”.

The defendant was given five penalty points and fined £250.

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