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Sunday, July 3, 2022

‘volatile & aggressive’ man at Causeway Hospital pleads guilty

A Macosquin man has pleaded guilty on two charges of disorderly behaviour at Coleraine Magistrates’ Court today (Monday, July 19), one of which occurred at Causeway Hospital.

On June 25 of this year, the defendant was taken by Ambulance to the emergency department of Causeway Hospital following concern he had taken an overdose.

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Whilst at the hospital, the defendant was said to have become ‘volatile and aggressive’, requiring the Police to be called to assist, the court heard. Initially, the defendant was calm when the Police arrived but again became disorderly – shouting and swearing.

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The court further heard that despite being warned several times by Police, Dean McAfee (52) of Ramsey Court Macosquin continued his disruptive behaviour and was eventually arrested for the offensive and taken to Coleraine custody.

The defendant was also arrested the following day (June 26), according to court listings, on another charge of disorderly behaviour at his home address in Macosquin.

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The defence Barrister told the court that the defendant waivered his right to a pre-sentence report, but Deputy District Judge John Connolly said that he couldn’t “deal with this matter today” and that he “can’t ignore where the incident took place, in the climate we’re in”.

Judge Connolly ordered a pre-sentence report and adjourned the matter until August 23.

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