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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Barry’s Amusements Ghost Train gets facelift.

After 50 years of the traditional Ghost Train at Barry’s Amusements Portrush, it has undergone a massive makeover.

Many of us have experienced at one time or another the Ghost Train at Barry’s. It’s is maybe even a tradition that follows many us into adulthood and even our later years.

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Over the 50 years it’s been open its hasn’t really changed much, but thanks to the design team at Dead Walk Designs LTD if you head to Barry’s this bank holiday then your in for a new Ghost Train ride experience.

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Apart from the entrance mural which is over 30years old and got to stay, the entire ride was give a total revamp.

Gone are the old characters poking their heads up and sneaking up round corners, replaced with an update which includes a new lock of paint and three separate areas all with their own theme.

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Speaking about the revamp on their Facebook, Dead Walk Designs LTD said,

We split the ride into 3 segments for variety. The Haunted House, into the Spooky Forest finishing up in the Mad Professors Dungeon. We decided to go for a vintage black and white scheme for the dungeon which turned out great.

If you don’t believe how good it is, check out these preview pictures thanks the Dark Walk Designs Facebook page.

Now who’s looking forward to their next trip to Barry’s?

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