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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

TESCO customer try’s to work out strange best before date on pack of burgers

So your just looking a simple cooked burger with a bap and some relish. BUT your suddenly scratching your head after checking the strange BEST BEFORE DATE.

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Well thats exactly what happened to one Tesco customer, Matthew, who had purchased a burger meal pack which included burgers along with baps, cheese slices and a pack of relish, which had a best before date which he didn’t quite understand.

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In order to answer his question and clear it up excally what this date was, he took to Twitter and Tesco’s customer service team, but wasn’t quite expecting the answer her got…nor most of Twitter by the looks of it!

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Here we follow the original question to Tesco and their strange reply.

Matthew, not leaving it there, wanted more answers that Maggie from TESCO’S just couldn’t provide, and she had to end up sending it to their support team.

We don’t know if Matthew ever got his answer from support but the Twitter community certainly didn’t let it drop, and carried on the conversation, in true sarcastic form mostly.

You can find the full Twitter conversation in the link below.


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