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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

‘Troublesome’ puppets go up for sale at auction

Orville the Duck and Emu, two of Britain’s best known puppets, characterised by their troublesome behaviour on stage and television, are to be sold at an upcoming auction.

Many will remember the pair from their childhood (or indeed adulthood!) in the 80’s and 90’s, alongside their ‘long suffering minders’ comedian & ventriloquist Keith Harris and fellow comedian Rod Hull.

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A popular favourite, the green nappy wearing duck and feisty bird, wreaked havoc where ever they went, with nobody off limits including the late Queen Mother!

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She however happily allowed the bird puppet a nibble at her flowers which she was holding, while meeting Rod and Emu, all taken in good jest of course.

The sale is due to take place in London at Bonhams on 17 December where Orville and Emu could sell for £10,000 each.

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Sadly both Hull and Harris have since died. Rod Hull in 1999 after and accident at his home aged 63 and Keith Harris more recently at aged 67 in 2015 after his cancer returned the previous year.

Both puppets have web described as ‘an original puppet owned and used’ by their respective comedian companions.

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