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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Would you return to work after winning over £4m!

Imagine winning over £4m and then going into work the next day for a full shift! No us neither, but thats exactly what 33 year old Co-Down chef Sean Doyle did.

Sean had been at home on Wednesday night and put an £8 stake on an Paddy Power online slot game, when he hit the jackpot.

Sean Doyle, winner of £4.2m on Paddy Power.
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Sean watched in disbelief as the total appeared and began to increase on his screen, only to switch his phone off when it topped over £1m.

‘I switched my phone off, I couldn’t look’

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Being a chef and with Valentines day one of the busiest day of the year for restaurants, Sean got up and made his way in as normal to his work at The Artisan Cookhouse in Downpatrick the next morning.

On his return home Sean turned on his phone and was greeted with the final total of his winnings, £4.2m. Sean has said his money will help so many peoples lives, pledging to help his parents, his sister who lives in New Zealand, his 3 brothers and a few aunts & uncles.

“You wouldn’t believe the amount of people’s lives I’m going to change with this win.”

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Sean plans to open his own cafe business and relax more. His winnings is the largest jackpot ever won and paid out by Paddy Powers.

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