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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

SDLP Councillor Angela Mulholland extends solidarity to striking Nurses

With Nurses due to strike for the second time this week, tomorrow (Friday January 10th), SDLP Cllr Mulholland has extended her solidarity to the Nurses on strike.

SDLP Councillor Mulholland extended her solidarity to members of the RCN as they strike in support of a claim for pay parity with colleagues from England, Scotland and Wales and for their campaign demand of safe staffing levels.

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Speaking about her support the SDLP Councillor said:

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“I fully support the demand of Nurses for pay parity with their colleagues in Britain. The decision by the DUP / SF executive to breach pay parity has left workers here worse off by £000s.

“It was a disgraceful decision then and has led to nurses and other healthcare professionals leaving the Health and Social Care sector.

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“The RCN are demanding a return to safe staffing levels which will ensure people receive the standard of care they deserve. It is only when our hospitals and social care facilities are properly staffed can we be sure that the public will be safely cared for.

“It is a scandal that our dedicated health and social care staff are expected to deliver care in an environment so drastically understaffed. Pay Parity and Safe Staffing should be the demand of all of us.”

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