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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Two dogs take sick after walk along section of River Bush

The owner of two dogs has said on social media that she believes that her two dogs took ill after drinking water from the River Bush.

The Bushmills lady had been walking her dogs along a section of the river near Conagher Road when the incident occurred.

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The lady noticed that not all was right with her two dogs after they both drank water from the river. Both dogs began to exhibit stage behaviour and the worried owner immediately made contact with her vet’s practice for advice and for the animals to be checked over.

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The vet, after tests, believes both dogs had ingested something they shouldn’t have which made them ill. This may have come from the water they drank from the river as the owners other dog, which had remained at home, was symptom free. Of the two dogs who fell ill, one went onto require additional IV fluids.

The vet informed the relevant authorities, the N.I. Environment Agency, who have since checked that section of the river but say they didn’t find any source or evidence of pollution at this time.

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