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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Antrim Area Hospital ‘Extremely Busy’

The Northern Health Trust have issued a statement that Antrim Area Hospital is extremely busy and urge patients to only attend in an emergency.

‘Antrim Area Hospital ED is extremely busy today with 73 patients currently in the Department. 24 of these very sick people are being cared for in the ED while waiting for a bed to become available in a ward. Please help us by only coming to the ED if your condition is urgent or life threatening and needs to be treated immediately.

If unsure, your GP out-of-hours service is always available for advice about health conditions. Where appropriate, they can also refer patients with non urgent conditions to our Direct Assessment Unit (DAU).

Remember, a pharmacist can also give advice and treat minor ailments. You could also use the NI Direct Symptom Checker;


The trust went on to further say;

‘Every day people continue to come to the ED who should have used other health services. Patients are always seen in order of clinical priority, so people who shouldn’t be there will face a very long wait.

We never want to put people off that need urgent care, we just want everyone to think carefully and choose the best health service for their condition. A big well done to our staff across the hospital and in the community who continue to work hard to provide excellent care despite the challenges.

Thank you to the public for their ongoing support and for sharing these very important messages.’

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