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Saturday, August 20, 2022

Back to the future for bin collection

It’s a case of back to the future for householders in the Causeway Coast and Glens area as council will return to the old ‘sticker notification’ method for bin collection after a number of residents were left in a bit of a stink when they didn’t realise their collection day had changed due to the Twelfth Bank Holiday.

DUP Alderman Mark Fielding raised the issue at the recent Environmental Services Committee meeting.

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He said: “In future, in advance of a public holiday, will Council directly inform those householders affected by a change in their normal bin collection day.

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“The last public holiday was Monday, July 12 and anyone who had their bins normally lifted on a Monday were lifted on the Saturday.

“Now, I know that you are going to say it was on the council website and it was in the newspapers, however, not everybody follows social media and not everybody buys newspapers and not everybody visits the council website.

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“I know people didn’t get their bins emptied because they didn’t know about it and they rang the council on the Wednesday when the offices reopened and they were told it was on the council website.

“In the former Coleraine Council days they used to put a sticker on the bins in advance of the collection day to say your bin will be collected on this day instead of your normal day.

“This is an essential service, with bins lifted once a fortnight and it’s important particularly in summer time.

“I think the householders directly affected should be notified in advance instead of relying on social media and newspapers.”

Aidan McPeake, Director of Environmental Services responded: “We appreciate there was some negative feedback on the back of the Twelfth holiday change of day.

“We did have it on social media and the papers and we appreciate that it wasn’t full coverage so we have made a call on it and the decision that in future if there is a change to the existing route scheduling that we will sticker the bins and go back to the way it was.”

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