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Monday, October 18, 2021

Bail granted for Mosside ‘cruelty’ couple

The Mosside couple charged with alleged ‘cruelty’ towards two of their Children, have been granted bail after a hearing in court today.

Previously the pair were remanded due to the seriousness of the charges and a threat for their lives.

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Mr Justice McAlinden heard the bail application this morning before grating bail HOWEVER he stressed that they will only be released once an address is found that he ‘personally approves’ saying;

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“The issue of the address being suitable to police is one matter, but it has to be formally approved by me.

“The address will not be bandied about in public, having regard to the existence of the threat.”

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The judge as banned the pair from having any contact with their children at this stage.

The full injuries sustained by one of the children were disclosed by a lawyer for the prosecution.

The child had 17 rib fractures, four fractures to long limbs, multiple liver lacerations, a skull fracture, along with subdural and retinal haemorrhages. It was also revealed the child also underwent brain surgery to repair a tear.

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