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Friday, May 27, 2022

Ballybogey Road Racer injured after crash at Enniskillen race meeting

After a successful day for local racers Gary Dunlop and Darry Tweed, it was the opposite for Ballybogey Road Racer Aaron Boyd who, last night was still in hospital after injuring himself in a crash at the Enniskillen Road Races on Saturday.

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The race was immediately red flagged and the medics administered treatment on the roadside after which Aaron was transported to hospital.

Aaron recovers in hospital after crash at Enniskillen Road Races.
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Aaron suffered a broken collarbone, injuries to his ribs and is badly bruised according to wife Denise. And it’s reckoned it could be an 6-8 week recovery period depending if surgery is required or not.

Despite the serious nature of his injuries, Aaron is talking and stable after the crash.

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Speaking on behalf of Barry Boyd Racing, a spokesperson said;

“So not the way we wanted to end the Enniskillen roads races, noting serious thank God,Broken collar bone, ribs,battered and brused, will live to fight another day just a wee thanks to the medics, marshells, and all who helped us pack up and all the well wishers.”

Best wishes to Aaron for a speedy recovery.

Denise would also like to advise customers of their local dog grooming business in Ballybogey, that for at least 3 weeks current booking will need to be cancelled.

Speaking on Facebook, Denise advised customers;

“Due to this Precious Paws will be CLOSED for at least 3 weeks…

Aaron’s diary is completely FULLY BOOKED, and I would greatly appreciate if you could share this post, as I now have the pleasure of trying to contact everyone.

Aaron and I are extremely sorry that we have to cancel appointments over these coming weeks , but we hope to see you all again very soon.”

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