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Ballycastle school announce a pupil is self isolating


A Ballycastle school has announced that a pupil is self isolating after presenting with symptoms of COVID-19.

Writing on social media, Cross & Passions College principle Paul McClean posted:

“I wish to inform you that I have been contacted by a parent, who has informed me that their child has been advised to remain at home, as they have presented with symptoms of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

“I have sought the most up-to-date health advice from the Public Health Agency (PHA), who have confirmed that no further action is required by the school as this time.

“Throughout the current situation, the school has followed, and continues to follow, the advice from the PHA and Department of Education (DE), to the letter.

“I understand the concerns of parents, pupils and the wider school community and I wish to reassure you that I will continue to monitor the situation carefully, seeking further advice and clarification from the PHA, DE and the Education Authority, as required. I will endeavour to keep the school community informed of any updates to advice received.

“Parents with any questions or concerns are welcome to contact me, via the school office, on Monday morning.”