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Ballymoney Man set to appeal on the new series of Channel 5’s Blind Date

The new series of Blind Date is back and on Saturday the 23rd June a local face you may just recognise is set to appear as a contestant.
One time FUSE FM presenter, local singer, and all round nice guy Neil Harbison will be trying to win over the affection of one lucky lady, but it won’t be easy, as he has two other fellas hoping to do the same.

Neil with fella contestants Martin & John along with presenter Paul O’Grady

Speaking to FUSE FM Ballymoney about why he decided to apply for Blind Date, Neil Said;

“Well I was single at the time and thought it could be a good experience and great fun. I always remember watching it when I was young with my family and that also made me apply, however at the time I never actually thought I would even get a call let alone be selected”

Hosted once again by the funny Paul O’Grady, who took over from the late Cilla Black when the show was relaunched. The host will be trying to maintain order and if the previous series is anything to go by, that might be easier said than done.
Neil commented about meeting host Paul O’Grady.

“The first time we seen Paul O’Grady was when we did the live show recording. Paul then came backstage after the recording and had a chat with us. He was such a lovely man and very funny. He made us all feel very welcome and he even gave us high praise by telling us we were the best contestants he’s ever had, to which the head producer of Blind Date told us he had never said that before and he really ment it.”

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A spokesperson for Channel 5 speaking about Neils episode said;

“For the first time in Blind Date history a single Mum and Son both try to find a love match.
First we meet 30-year-old Emile who, after being embarrassed by his Mum, has to choose between restaurant host Naseera, Hayley from Cambridge & Devon model Kimberley.

 Then it’s Mum Belinda’s turn to choose her date from HGV driver Martin, former holiday rep John and Neil from Northern Ireland.”

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Speaking to Neil about keeping the outcome a secret or what clues he could give us, Neil answer was simple;

“It’s been so difficult keeping this a secret especially just after filming back in Feb at the ITV studios in London. But I found it easier as time went on. Unfortunately I can’t give you any clues about the outcome other than saying it was a very special show and I hope people tune in to watch it this Saturday 23rd June on Channel 5 at 7pm.”

Credit: Channel 5

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Will Neil be the last fella standing as the screen rolls back? Did he find love? Your all just going to have to tune in on Saturday 23rd June, 7.30pm Channel 5.

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