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Monday, June 27, 2022

Ballymoney: Quantity of Class C drugs and illegal tobacco seized

Police have made several seizures, including Class C drugs and illegal tobacco, during a property search in the Ballymoney area.

Earlier today, Ballycastle NPT, alongside search dog Harry and colleagues from HMRC, carried out a successful search.

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Police have revealed that: “A large quantity of different types of Class C drugs were located alongside large quantities of cash, mobile phones, laptops, counterfeit/illegal tobacco and cigarettes all of which were seized. The males vehicle was also seized for running on red diesel.

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“As a result a male was arrested for several drug offences by Police and will be prosecuted by HMRC for other offences relating to counterfeit goods and trading.

“Huge thank you to little Harry who was our 2 year old pup that located the drugs concealed within old tins in a very very messy shed! His playtime and treats were well deserved.”

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