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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Ballymoney Remembers Operation Banner Veterans

It’s been 50 years since the commencement of Operation Banner in Northern Ireland and several commemoration parades have taken place in Northern Ireland including locally in Ballymoney.

Operation Banner was the first time that British troops had to be deployed her as part of the ongoing threats during the troubles.

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Those soldiers are now considered veterans and several took part in today’s commemoration parade from all around the UK.

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The parade, organised by ‘Para Fightback’ was also in support of those veterans that are now being prosecuted over actions they carried out while on service here.

The parade began in the Glebeside estate under the remembrance arch at Belford Park, before making its way around the town, stopping at the towns War Memorial to lay a wreath.

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A good crowd of spectators turned out to watch the parade and many had also followed behind as it passed through the town.

The parade returned to the estate, this time to the remembrance garden at Alexander Avenue, where everyone gathered for the speeches.

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