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Ballyveeley Road Footpath Must Be Progressed – Mclaughlin


Sinn Féin councillor Cathal Mclaughlin has again made a strong call to DFI for a footpath between Cloughmills village and the local GAA field, Fr Leonard Park.

Mr Mclaughlin said:

“Parents and the local school have appealed for a footpath from a safety point of view to help protect children and others who use this road as a matter of urgency.

“So many articulated vehicles use this stretch of the Ballyveeley road so parents believe it is only a matter of time before a serious incident or death occurs as a result of not having a safe passage to the field.

“A footpath would give protection against this happening. It is ironic that in the summer months that children are not walking to the pitch because of a lack of infrastructure”.

Mr Mclaughlin, himself a member of the local club also pointed out that St Brigids GAC had excellent community facilities within walking distance of the village where so many underage players enjoy sport and socialised, but there was a short section of road that isn’t safe for children or adults.

Cllr Mclaughlin concluded by saying:

“This request by Sinn Féin has been ongoing since 2005 and we will keep making this a priority until a solution can be found.”