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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Blue tablets ‘scattered across worktops’ seized during PSNI drug operation

Following a search as part of Operation Dealbreaker’—which targets drugs, the use of drugs and the supply of drugs—seizures were made and one person arrested.

Today Officers from Neighbourhood Units and the Reducing Offenders Unit where participating in Op Dealbreaker which targets drugs, the use of drugs and the supply of drugs.

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A Police spokepersonhas said: “Today the team seized a quantity of Class A drugs, Class B Drugs and Class C and subsequently arrested a person for several possession offences as well as supply offences.

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“The scary thing is that the small blue tablets, to which we found approximately 450 of, where scattered across worktops, floors and bedding in reach of children and animals which could of resulted in fatalities.

“Close by also was a quantity of white powder in small bags and what we believed to be prepared and dried magic mushrooms which can be fatal and very dangerous. Thankfully all of these drugs have been seized and the person will face questioning in the morning when they are fit to answer to their actions!

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“Don’t let drugs ruin your communities and lives!”

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